A clip from the Sunday session 14 March 2021. Clean take offs, but one of our ace pilots had some issues with his new complicated plane.

UKATC Services was originally a website dedicated to multiplayer sessions for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We started around 1998 with the MSN groups flying with a group of enthusiasts and we are still doing so! Check the Flight Simulator page for more info.

Next to regularly flying online we have done numerous other games and simulator. To name a few, the hilarious nights playing Tiger Woods Golf, Battle Field 1942/1946, IL 2 Sturmovik, Microsoft Freelancer, etc…

Games are advancing so we now play other games and simulators online. The popular games now are, besides our weekly Flight sim sessions, Elite Dangerous, DCS World, IL2 Great Battles, Assetto Corsa and RFactor 2. But like you see at the Teamspeak 3 channels we play a lot more.

See the other pages for more information on popular games and we will see you in our Teamspeak 3 server. TS3 Address is fs.ukatc.com. Or just join to have a chat with us.