Midweek Adventures

The object of the exercise is to get away from the disciplined airways, and formal ATC chat of our normal Sunday/Monday sessions.  We will for the most part avoid using the autopilot, NAV aids or ILS.

The next adventure is on:
July 3 2024 at 19:30 GMT / 20:30 CEST in New Zealand
The preferred aircraft is the Beechcraft C90

TS Password “midweek#999”

(If you wish to contribute a plan – please forward it to rob.ukatc@ziggo.nl )

Please let us ALL be careful when taxiing i.e. NO SLEWING.   We want to make these adventures to be FUN but as realistic as possible – your cooperation is appreciated!

Even if we are unlucky with the weather we will attempt all landings – please declare your intentions before turning onto finals.  Wait for all arrivals before heading out on the next leg.  Formation flying is a distinct possibility – this is not a race so no points for arriving first.  Just admire the beautiful scenery – and plan your landing strategy!

Click on the text above to download the flight plan details

With the weather set by the .rwx-file, you will need to call on all your flying skills. 

The flight plan in .lnmpln-format is the standard for Littlenavmap,
The .fms-format is for the Garmin GPS and the FMS

  Littlenavmap download: https://albar965.github.io/littlenavmap.html