How to connect to sessions

For flying online we rely on our FSD server software which is running for decades now and never let us down. So you need to connect you Flight Simulator to the FSD server we have running. To connect different flight simulator software to one FSD server you need client software and sometimes proxy software too. Depending on what flight sim software you have.

Popular client software for flight simulators are, Squawkbox and Xpilot but there are more. Below we will describe, per flight sim software platform, in short how to install and setup the client software to connect to our FSD server. So we can see each other in the virtual skies.

Flight simulators:

  • Microsoft FS9/FSX
  • Microsoft FS2020
  • X-plane 11
  • P3D

The software download you need per platform you can find below at the end of this page.

Microsoft FS9/FSX

Since these are relatively old flight sims and we have used these for years now, we will direct you to the description we used on our old website. So please follow this link.

Link to description how to install and setup FSINN.

X-plane 11

At present XSquawkBox does not support Vulkan. Under your X-Plane 11 graphics settings, you have to disable the Vulkan Graphics API by removing the check in the box next to it. If you do not do this, other players on the server WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE YOUR AIRCRAFT MODEL.

Please make sure you have this option disabled before entering the server.

Please download this RAR file : X-Plane Online Files

Once you have completed downloading this file – open it. Inside you will find a folder named XSquawkBox. Extract this folder to your X-Plane 11/resources/plugins folder.

You will also see a file called CATC FSD Proxy Setup. Extract this to your desktop. Then run it and install the proxy software. The proxy software can also be run on a networked computer.

There is also PDF file in the folder with instructions on what to do, or you can follow the below instructions.

Now double click on the MSFlights FSD Proxy icon to run the proxy and follow the below instructions on how to set it up:

Please click on “File” (#1).

On the list that opens please click on “Settings”.

In the “Server Connection Settings” (#2) section, type into the “Server URL” dialogue box. Under the same section please make sure that 6809 is in the “Server Port” dialogue box.

You may need to open up port 6809 TCP/UDP on your router/firewall.

Once you you have completed the two previous instructions , you can now click on “Start Proxy” (#3).

Once you have clicked “Start Proxy” the bar at the bottom of the box will turn orange (#4). This means that it is waiting for the connection from X-Plane 11.

Once X-Plane 11 is connected, this will turn green.

Now you have the proxy running, start X Plane 11. Once it is running go to the pop up menu at the top of the screen and click on “Plugins“, then click on “XSquawkBox” and then click on “Connection” and the below dialogue box will open.

  1. Enter your Callsign.
  2. Enter your name
  3. Enter, or your computers local IP. If you are using it over a network. Enter the local IP for the computer it is on.
  4. Check the same port is used as the proxy.
  5. Enter your UKATC username
  6. Enter the UKATC Server Password.
  7. Select your aircraft type (See below for detailed instructions).
  8. Enter your airline.

How to enter you aircraft type
In the model dialogue box (#7) type in your aircraft type (B58 for the Baron 58 or B737, B738, B739 for the Boeing 737 700, 800 and 900 respectively.) Then use the drop down dialogue box to select the aircraft type you are using. This is CRITICAL as this is what XsquawkBox uses to tell the server the aircraft type you are using and, display the correct aircraft model other users on the server will see.

Microsoft FS2020

For connecting FS2020 we recommend using the Swift client. Our member BMA002 – Rob has put together a tutorial on youtube to explain what you need to setup for connecting the FS2020 with our private FSD server. And how to set the online aircraft models correctly.


Coming soon!

Software downloads:

MS FS2020Swift
X-plane 11X-Plane 11 Online Files