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Providing Air Traffic Control for
Microsoft FlightSim 2004 (FS9)/FSX/P3D/X-Plane Multiplayer Sessions

During the multiplayer sessions of the UKATC Group we provide professional realistic Air Traffic Control services between selected airports.

Live Status
Server IP: fs.ukatc.com
Pilots online: 0
Flightplans: 0
Pilot and controller training is available at our Academy
  • Learning the basics of flying a plane.
  • Flying under VFR rules.
  • Flying under IFR rules.
  • Controlling an airspace or airport.

  • Providing controlled airspaces for Virtual Airlines
  • Giving Virtual Airlines that extra dimension fulfilling their pay role.

  • Widespread information on Flight Simulator resources
    • People sharing information.
    • Extra software for flying in multiplayer sessions.
    • Technical support to help you with problems concerning FS2004/FSX multiplayer.

Most important of all, just having fun with a fantastic group of like-minded people from around the world!

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  • Sunday-Multi ATC session at 19:00 BST
  • 1st Wednesday each month-Midweek Adv. at 19:30 BST
  • Friday-Free Flight Night at 19:30 BST
  • BST = GMT + 1 hour
Check the Pilotstart page for more info.