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Posted by mike090 on 2013/12/2 20:07:50 (75 reads)

The Christmas Evnt has returned for a second year after there being a good turn out last year we have orginsed it again this year...

The christmas Event is an Event that Pilots fly with Luxry Airways And the New merger Northeast Airlines.

Flying with UKATC Services to lapland every year close to Christmas ( Usually the last flight before Christmas)

This Event is not only for Luxury and Northeast VA's Pilots but for anyone that Enjoys flying longhull and to get them in the mood for christmas.

The Event this year is held on the 22nd December 2013 from Manchester Airport EGCC to Lapland Rovaniemi EFRO.

More Information can be found here >> http://www.luxuryairways.co.uk/christmas/


Mike ( LAV101 )

Posted by bba001 on 2013/10/29 3:49:48 (71 reads)

Yes, thats right! Pushing Tin 2014 is in the planning and looking for talented controllers that think they got what it takes.

Interested? visit www.northeastva.co.uk/pushingtin

Planned for Feb 2014, it is looking to be an exciting competition, please take a look at the weblink above to register yourself


Posted by uk64g on 2013/2/7 3:26:18 (186 reads)

I am so pleased you chaps had the message about Jeff from somoene else, other than me, .

Jeff was the founder of UKATC, and i followed his bad, bad advice taking up ATC, with my accent? but Jeff said 'just get on with it Bill. wich i did.

We was good friends for many a year until a falout, which was my stupitity, sorry for the spelling. however, his son,Andrew informed me of his death 3 weeks ago,.

won't say anymore.

Bill .

Take care chaps.

Posted by G-X439 on 2013/1/25 18:17:53 (186 reads)

It is with sadness that UKATC announces the untimely passing of our friend and founder member Jeff Donald (64).

It was through Jeff's vision and persistance that brought UKATC to light. As with us all, his love of all things aviation and his clear insight into the future of multiplayer flight simulation that inspired him to bring together, back in 1999, a small group of enthusiasts whom he met through the MS Gaming Zone, worked together with a single goal.

We have evolved through many iterations since then, but that original concept, that kernal of an idea, lives on.

Back in 2006, Jeff left UKATC after a minor Management difference of opinion - something I know he regretted. It was whilst I was at the 2010 Flight Sim convention in Weston-super-Mare when our paths crossed once more. Over a drink we chatted about the past and I managed to convince him that UKATC missed him just as much as he missed UKATC. It must have worked because Jeff rejoined us shortly after and once again became a familiar voice and an excellent controller.

Whilst similar groups have since come and gone, UKATC remains a beacon for regular Flight Simmers - a legacy I know of which, he was immensly proud!

Wherever you are Jeff, we will always remember you, your voice, your humour and your dedication. Thank you for everything.

Ian (on behalf of myself, Dave, Mike & Eric)

Posted by G-X439 on 2012/8/5 17:36:35 (236 reads)

For those of you who knew him and for those who didn't.

Tony joined UKATC in March 2010 and quickly became an enthusiastic and well respected controller having already cut his teeth with VATSIM, from where he brought his skills and expertise. Such was his enthusiasm, he set about convincing UKATC managers to consider using FSINN as our multiplayer host protocol. He found himself with an uphill struggle as we had already dabbled with FSINN some years earlier and found it so unstable that we rejected it.

Tony remained undaunted - explaining that since those initial trials FSINN had undergone some fine-tuning by the French developers,addressing most of the issues that our group and others had raised. The fact that VATSIM had started using it had passed us by.

We eventually agreed to a trial in which Tony worked tirelessly with us to get FSINN up and running. He also introduced us to Euroscope, an alternative to using FSNavigator, for controlling purposes - giving controllers the choice of using either.

In the end Tony wore us down and with a certain amount of trepidation, we agreed to move to FSINN at the start of 2012 - and have never looked back since.  Our whole Flight Sim experience has been enhanced to a level we could have only dreamt about a few years ago. Just sitting at an airport watching traffic movements has been completely transformed - the realism now takes your breath away.

None of this would have happened without his persistence, determination and commitment to UKATC.

Unfortunately Tony did not live to see the fruits of his efforts, having met a premature death on Dec 19th 2011 at the age of 51.

We here at UKATC offer our belated condolences to Tony's family, together with our thanks, for he made his mark with us and we will continue to enjoy his legacy for years to come. His untimely demise has made the world a poorer place, yet his life has made our UKATC world a much richer place - for that we remain grateful beyond measure.

He joined our group as a complete stranger - he left it as a true friend.

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