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Real Life Events

In 2007 there was a meeting in The Netherlands!

Once or twice a year we have our real life meetings. In 2006 we had a meeting in the UK and in The Netherlands.


In 2007 Eric (TowerCtrl) and Stuart (UK64D) spent a whole week in The Netherlands together with Mike (EZY-PH105), Roy (KLM029) and Rob (PH-RK1).


Mike had arranged the hotel accommodation and a whole bunch of activities and tours around the Netherlands.


The picture to the right shows the five UKatc-members and Mike's wife Christel at the bowling event arranged by Roy.

The picture below shows (from left to right) Stu, Rob, Mike and Eric at the dinner table in the hotel.


Barry and Dave in Muskoka (Ontario)

September 2nd 2008 - On the left, Barry (WA55) visits Dave (BLAST) at his holiday cottage in the Muskoka Lakes area of Northern Ontario whilst en-route to Vancouver.

You can see that Barry is happy and smiling - in spite of Dave's shirt! Barry is wisely wearing his special shirt-proof shades.
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